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Erica's "Will You Be My..." Cards

Wow, someone please tell me that it hasn't been nearly 4 months since I blogged last!? Well, the bad news is that is true, but the good news is, I haven't blogged because we have been so incredibly busy designing for our clients! It is WAY past time for a new blog post!
A popular trend we are seeing this wedding season is what we call "Will You Be My..." cards which are cards designed to be given to your friends and family that you'd like to be involved in your big day as part of your bridal party! The first cards we designed this season were for Erica! She has been such a lovely bride to work with so I was super excited when she mentioned that she wanted to order some "Will You Be My..." cards. Erica is having a destination wedding so she needed to include a lot of information for her girls so we opted for a pocketfold card. Erica wrote each girl a beautiful letter that was displayed on the main part of the pocketfold where the invitation typical…