Caleb's 3rd Birthday [Handmade Card]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My cousin, Kristin, and her husband Phil, had a baby boy 3 years ago. This little boy is the most adorable thing that you have ever seen and he and his family have been through to much! Caleb recently had a heart transplant. In his first 3 years of life, Caleb and his family have had to endure things that most of us can't even imagine! From countless doctor visits and testing, to being transported by medial helicopter to being put on the waiting list for a heart transplant to then receiving one - Caleb, Kristin and Phil have handled it in the most amazing way! I can't tell you how proud of them I am and how happy I am that my little cousin is now finding out what it truly means to be a kid!
His 3rd birthday party was held in August. It was a huge party! Unfortunately, my husband and I had already made plans months before to be in Santa Barbara celebrating our anniversary but my mom was able to go and said it was amazing! We both created this card for her to take to Caleb. This birthday card was given to him along with a "telegram" that we created telling him and his parents that he would be receiving a very special and vintage train set from our family. The whole party had a cowboy theme to it and was held at the fair grounds in a barn. There was face painting, a petting zoo, a huge multiple tired cowboy cake, and so much more! You can click here to read about the party,click here to follow Caleb's story through his mother's blog entries on Care Pages, or click here to read more about Caleb on his website!


Here is the telegram which was printed on aged and distressed paper. I don't have an actual picture of that. :(

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