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Saturday, September 19, 2009

In August my uncle suddenly passed away due to a massive heart attack that he had while sleeping. They were able to bring him back to life but after a week of being in the hospital his scans showed no brain activity so the family decided to take him off of life support. My uncle lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. We didn't get to meet his girlfriend or his life long friends. Before my uncle was taken off of life support, my grandfather decided that he needed to go out to NC to take care of my uncle and everything that comes along with a passing of a loved one. I was worried about him as he had just turned 80 and this was going to be the first time he'd be traveling alone without my grandmother as she can no longer fly. I was worried about him making it out there under the stress of it all and being alone when he got there. This ended up not being the case! Once my grandfather reached NC, my uncle's girlfriend encouraged him to come and stay at Andrew's house with her. Her grown son had flown in to help out and within days, two of my uncle's life long friends were also there helping out. Soon enough my grandfather had 4 individuals that he had never met, take him in, take care of him, and help him with the passing of his son. It's amazing that through Andrew's passing, 4 individuals came together to take care of one another...all because they loved Andrew.
This was a hard time for my family. Andrew was a great man - hardworking, caring, and loving. On top of that, this was the 3rd child my grandfather was lost. To say that he'll be missed is an understatement. This time was easier on all of us because of these 4 individuals though and for that, we wanted to thank them.
Once returning home, we knew that we wanted to send cards out to these individuals...a thank you for taking care of my grandfather, for loving my Uncle Andrew, and to share our sympathies with them. We hand made cards for each person using a leaf motif as my uncle loved the natural beauty and fall colors of North Carolina. We used a wrap label for the addressing and included a envelope liner.
Also included in this entry is a thank you card for a neighbor of my grandparent's who sent flowers and offered his condolences. We used a damask inspired print for his card.
[As always, some info may be blurred out to protect the privacy of the recipients.]


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