Kara's Bachelorette Dinner Invitations

Friday, July 10, 2009

I was contacted by a high school classmate of mine who was co-hosting a bachelorette dinner for a friend of hers. She had wanted the colors to be purple, black, and grey. The dinner itself was going to be a wine and lingerie themed. Megan put together this great picture combining both of the themes. I LOVE it! I printed the text using black print with the bride to be's name in purple print. I also added a purple border to the picture and printed the invitation on grey card stock. I then accented it with purple matting. The invitations were then sealed in white envelopes that featured the addresses with a surrounding purple border and a cute corset accent with the return address featured on the back flap.
-Megan, thank you so much for contacting me and letting me design these invitations! It was fun getting to re-connect with you! I hope Kara, you, and the rest of the girls enjoy the dinner!
[Information has been blurred to protect her privacy.]
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