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Kara's Bachelorette Dinner Invitations

I was contacted by a high school classmate of mine who was co-hosting a bachelorette dinner for a friend of hers. She had wanted the colors to be purple, black, and grey. The dinner itself was going to be a wine and lingerie themed. Megan put together this great picture combining both of the themes. I LOVE it! I printed the text using black print with the bride to be's name in purple print. I also added a purple border to the picture and printed the invitation on grey card stock. I then accented it with purple matting. The invitations were then sealed in white envelopes that featured the addresses with a surrounding purple border and a cute corset accent with the return address featured on the back flap.
-Megan, thank you so much for contacting me and letting me design these invitations! It was fun getting to re-connect with you! I hope Kara, you, and the rest of the girls enjoy the dinner!
[Information has been blurred to protect her privacy.]


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Halloween: Alice In Wonderland Style, Part 2

Over a year ago, I got the chance to design birthday invitations and accessories for an adorable set of twins.  During that event, a guest at that party (Melanie) noticed my work and asked or my info so she could get in contact with me about her daughter's 8th birthday.  Soon after, we met and realized she actually lived on my same street!  As we spoke, she told me that her daughter, Maggi, was born on October 27th and  they had always had a Halloween inspired party for her but this year she wanted to put a twist on it.  I had just seen an Alice in Wonderland inspired paper line that had just hit the stores and when I showed the paper to Melanie she fell in love with the idea of using the paper as our inspiration and turning Maggi's party into a Alice in Wonderland tea party with a Halloween twist!
We designed two panel invitations that were held together with ribbon.  The fronts of the panels featured Alice in Wonderland and Halloween elements while the backs featured the in…


For those of you visiting this blog-site, you've probably noticed we've been lacking on posts lately!  We have an excuse though, it's because we're re-branding and when we re-launch, we'll be debuting a brand new blog-site!!  I'm so excited to share the new site and branding with everyone!

In the meantime, our clients have been keeping us very busy!  The 2013 wedding season is about to wrap up and we're in the midst of designing holiday party invitations and cards.  I always love this time of the year! 

Stay tuned!

Brea + Byron | "Mustache Bash" Couple's Shower

Here is part 2 of Brea and Byron's baby shower designs!  For their couple's shower, they wanted "Mustache Bash" themed invitations incorporating a mustache and bow tie!  We were dying to design using this theme so we were thrilled when they contact us!  A chalkboard texture and chevron stripes were added into the design along with a black and white newspaper print pattern that is actually the same fabric that will be in Baby Young's nursery!  Brea's a teacher and wanted books for her little one so a book insert was also included in this design.  Love this idea! Did you miss part 1 featuring Brea's baby shower designs?  Click here to view those! :)