Bingham Wedding Part 4

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Matt and I wanted a custom and unique guestbook for our wedding. We were going to have our photographer take a picture of us during the reception with every family, couple, or individual that attended the wedding. I decided to take ivory cardstock and mat each family's (or couple and individual) name on the paper accented with either a pink or orange stripe made out of Bling paper. I then used the same stamps that I used on the cover of the programs to accent the pages but this time they were stamped in a pink and orange stamp pad. We placed a chocolate brown cardstock place holder where the pictures would eventually go so guests wouldn't write in that area. During our reception, our DOC handed out the guestbook pages along with brown Sharpie's so the guests could write on them. We loved how they turned out. Guests wrote words of wisdom, inside jokes, sweet messages, and some even doodled or did sketches. We are placing the pictures on the pages and will put them into a brown linen scrapbook.

Here is a picture of pages before, during, and after the whole event.

Three examples of our guestbook pictures that we took with our guests to be placed on the guestbook pages after the wedding.

Here is our friend, Ryan filling out his and his girlfriend, Michelle's, guestbook page.

I also designed a seating chart to be displayed along with table names. We named each table after a city in Santa Barbara/Ventura Counties as well as some of the Channel Islands (Santa Barbara, Anacapa, Ventura, Santa Rosa, Etc.).

We also made reserved seating signs for our parents and grandparents to be displayed on their chairs during the ceremony.

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